The Brit List 2014: “A Little Music” by Lydia Adetunji, “The Invernesian” and “The Nine Lives of Louis Wain” by Simon Stephenson among the chosen few. Congratulations to all.
November 27, 2014 | Click for more

Various UK industry professionals are invited to vote for their top un-produced screenplays.


In order to qualify for the Brit List, a screenplay had to receive three or more votes; be unproduced (that is, not shooting) at the time of the list’s circulation; be written by any writer who is non-U.S., and not have featured on previous Brit Lists.


140 scripts were nominated this year, among the 34 chosen were:


“A Little Music” by Lydia Adetunji
Producers: Shine Pictures UK/Film Four
Genre: Horror

“The Invernesian” by Simon Stephenson 
Producers: Rooks Nest Entertainment
Genre: Comedy

“The Nine Lives of Louis Wain” by Simon Stephenson 
Producers: Shoebox Films/SunnyMarch
Genre: Biopic