GIRLS LIKE THAT wins Best Play for Young Audiences in the Writers’ Guild Awards 2015 – click here for more info
January 20, 2015 |

Congratulations to Evan Placey & Esther Baker for winning Best New Play for Young Audiences at the Writers’ Guild Awards 2015 with their production of GIRLS LIKE THAT.


GIRLS LIKE THAT is an urgent and explosive play, written by Evan Placey and directed by Esther Baker, that explores gender equality and the pressures on today’s digital generation.


A naked photo of Scarlett goes viral. Rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation becomes toxic, threatening to shatter the fragile unity of the girls she has grown up with. But how long can Scarlett remain silent? And why isn’t it the same for boys?


“The problem with girls like that is they ruin it for everyone. The problem with girls like that is they give all girls a bad name.”



By Evan Placey
Directed by Esther Baker
Designed by Katy McPhee
Sound designed by Sarah Weltman
Lighting designed by Tony Simpson
Performed by Leona Allen, April Hughes, Shazia Nicholls, Dominique Olowu, Carrie Rock and Danielle Vitalis