Don’t miss BRIEF LIVES, written and created by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Series 8 starts its run on BBC Radio 4 at 2.15pm Friday 21 August. Plays at the same time on the following five Fridays.
August 21, 2015 |

Radio Times review by Laurence Joyce:


The dramas set in a Manchester legal practice return for a new six-part run, with David Schofield reprising his role as the world-weary brief who’s seen and often been damaged by it all. This opening episode connects two cases with three separate father—daughter relationships.

A young woman from a financially privileged background is charged for protesting against the fur trade in the nude: her brief, Ronnie (played by Rachel Austin), finds she shares more than she thought possible with her client. The woman’s stepmother is brought in to the same station facing a possible charge of keeping slaves on her property only for a far more shocking connection to fathers and daughters to emerge.

Smartly written by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, this is more a psychological than a crime drama, and all the better for that.