Donna Sharpe

Donna Sharpe is currently writing drama series for UFA Fiction, Chrysalis TV, Projector Pictures, Network Movie and Lupa Film.

Current Commissions:


GLASS: Creator, Writer of 6 x 45 original political thriller series for Lupa Film. Exec Prod Felix von Boehm.


THE ROAD TO BALMORAL: Creator, Writer of 3 x 60 original historical drama for Chrysalis TV. Exec Prods Sue Gibbs, Clova McCallum. 


THE NEW JERUSALEM: Creator, Writer of 8 x 30 original contemporary dramedy series for UFA Fiction. Exec Prod Benjamin Benedict.


DELIVERANCE: Creator, Writer of 8 x 45 original contemporary medical series for UFA Fiction. Exec Prod Ulrike Liebfried.


THE GARDEN ROOM: Creator, Writer of 8 x 60 original historical espionage drama for Projector Pictures. Exec Prod Polly Cork


EIGHT: Co-writer of 8 x 60 contemporary drama for Network Movie. Exec Prod Bettina Wente.
THE OTHER SIDE: Writers Room for 6 x 45 contemporary drama for Lupa Film / Arte. Exec Prods Felix von Boehm and Karim Aînouz. 


Development: Prior to having her own work commissioned, Donna wrote treatments, series bibles and pilot scripts for UFA Fiction Exec Prods Nico Hoffman and Steffi Ackermann, and ITV Studios Germany Exec Prod Tim Gehrke.


Past Successes: Donna’s first stage play ADAM AND EVA AT THE GATES OF HEAVEN AND HELL was workshopped at the National Theatre Studio, London. Prior to writing drama, Donna wrote, directed and produced over a dozen documentary films for the BBC and researched over twenty more, specialising in history, politics and economics.


Her series credits include the BAFTA-nominated and National Television Award-winning WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? the EMMY award-winning and BAFTA-nominated PEOPLE’S CENTURY, and the BAFTA award-winning TROUBLE AT THE TOP . Critically acclaimed single docs include SIR MARK THATCHER AND THE DOGS OF WAR (an ill-fated coup-for-oil attempt in West Africa), MURDER MOST ROYAL (the massacre of the Nepalese royals by their own Crown Prince) and MORTGAGED TO THE YANKS (US/UK post-war financial double-dealing). Donna worked in locations as diverse as Equatorial Guinea, Nepal, South Africa, Argentina, India and Iraq, as well as extensively in the USA, particularly in Washington, DC.


Donna holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, and a BA in History from University College London. She’s based in Berlin and London. Working in conjunction with Knight Hall Agency, Donna is represented in the US by Bob Bookman and Andy Patman at Paradigm. 
Donna Sharpe
is represented by:
Katie Langridge
+44 20 3397 2901