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Clients are welcome to drop into the office at any time. If it's an inconvenient moment for us, we'll simply explain and fix another time. Otherwise, we'll be glad of the opportunity to catch up on news. However, please note that we cannot see prospective clients without an appointment and prior knowledge of their work. Please don't turn up on the off-chance, as you will be turned away.

We maintain strong international relationships:

For film, where appropriate we work with major Hollywood agencies (but the choice of US agent is always made with the client - we like to keep our options open so have no automatic relationship with any other agency or management company). We also maintain direct contact with US producers and talent managers. For stage we tend to represent our clients direct in the US. For other countries we work as appropriate to individual circumstances.

We work with clients to shape their careers over the long term, rather than operating on a project-by-project basis. For that reason, we enjoy building the relationship from the early days - so don't worry if your work has not yet been produced We guard our reputation jealously - it's important to us that people take our recommendations seriously - so don't represent anyone we don't fully believe in.

We read our clients scripts at every stage and offer as much feedback as they would like. If we feel there are problems with a script we'll give an honest opinion.

Whilst we'd far rather conduct business pleasantly and amicably, we're tough when called for. We vet every contract under negotiation (except straightforward licences that are anyway generated by the agency) in order to make every deal as sound as possible.

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