Some of the questions we get asked

"I'm an actor/dp/costume designer"

No actors or crew - sorry.

"I'd like you to find a publisher for my novel"

Sorry, we are not publishing agents.

"I need an agent to sell my novel to a film/television company"

Yes, we can help you - but only if we really think we have a great chance of selling it; and only if you have a contract with a bona fide publisher (one that is paying you, not charging you, to publish your novel).

"I've had a great idea for a film/television series/play"

What fires us is the writing itself - the choice and arrangement of words. By all means contact us when you've written a complete script, but not until then.

"My ambition is to write for THE BILL or EASTENDERS"

We prefer to represent writers who create series. I'm afraid we don't handle writers who wish to write exclusively for returning series.

"I live in Montana but my writing has a very English sensibility"

We represent clients living in the UK and Europe only. This is a personal relationship and we also like to introduce our clients widely, so clients need to be able to attend meetings in London quickly and at their own expense.

"I've tried to submit my screenplay to film companies but they will only accept scripts from agents. I just need someone to send mine in for me"

If we enjoy your writing and we both want to work together, great. But we will not "go through the motions" of submitting a script by a writer with whom we don't have a committed agent-client relationship.

"I'd like to meet you before showing you my work"

I'm afraid we never do this. We have to know your work before suggesting a meeting.

"My hobby has always been writing and now that I've retired..."

Sorry - writing drama requires a very active, energetic commitment and so we're only interested in people for whom it is a genuine career choice rather than a pastime.