Frequently asked questions…

What constitutes an ‘amateur performance’?

An amateur performance is presented by a company or group whose time is given free of charge. Those involved are not paid a contracted salary and do not earn their living solely from acting, directing, producing. ‘Profit share’ and ‘semi-professional’ companies are classed as amateur productions.

There are exceptions; when performing on the London Fringe Theatre circuit, the ‘class’ of the venue (ie. where it would appear in a listings magazine such as Time Out) means a fringe licence based on a box office percentage is more appropriate, and more economical for the company – particularly if you’re planning a long run. For more information look under FRINGE LICENCES.

How much will it cost?

For amateur performances, the royalty fee payable is based on a fixed amount per show (plus VAT where applicable). Concessions are granted in view of venue size.

But I’m not charging an admission fee, do I still have to pay?

Yes. A licence is needed for a public performance irrespective of whether audiences are paying to watch or not.

But only family and friends will be going, do I still have to pay?

Yes. If the audience have to leave their homes to see the show this constitutes a public performance.

I’m only doing a bit of the play – do I have to pay for that?

Yes. You need to have an extract licence – a fee is charged appropriate to the length of piece performed. It must be made clear to any audience that the play is not being performed in its entirety. A blackout or similar device must delineate each extract performed.

Is there anything I can do for free?

Yes. Plays only remain in copyright (ie. you must pay a fee to perform them) during the life of the author and, in most parts of the world, for an additional period of up to 70 years after their death – hence the popularity of Shakespeare!

I’ve just seen a great play in the West End and want to do it now!

Amateur rights are generally unavailable (or at least restricted) if a copyright show is enjoying a first class professional run. Always check the availability of any play with the Author’s agent or with an organisation such as Samuel French Ltd before making any plans.

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