Philip Ridley’s THE FASTEST CLOCK IN THE UNIVERSE on at the Old Red Lion Theatre from 5th – 30th November
November 4, 2013 | "a taut, claustrophobic and extremely compelling experience" - Stu Black, Londonist

“It explores prescient questions and certainly packs a punch thanks to Ridley’s telling and forthright language; characters shout and scream and swear. An exciting, moving, witty and at times disturbing theatrical experience.” – Sarah Marsh, What’s On Stage ****


“Ridley’s trademark quirkiness (which in this piece often crosses over into the shocking), makes The Fastest Clock in the Universe well worth catching.” – Joe Crystal, One Stop Arts ****


“A very classy revival of a deeply cynical Nineties relic” – Patrick Marmion, Time Out


“The whole two-hour production is gripping. Ridley doesn’t just shock; he illustrates the dangerous potential of obsessive consumerism.” – Martha Quigley, A Younger Theatre


“The darkly poetic language of Ridley’s script, woven with humour and lust, is mastered by O’Brien’s superb cast of five […] While Ridley may have gotten more honed in his technique in the years since this play premiered, it is in his early work that you can see the raw courage and boldness of vision that have made Ridley a playwright to be reckoned with” – Ed Theakston, Fourth Wall Magazine


“a strongly enthralling experience” – Darren Bell, The Public Reviews


“the present day’s culture of aesthetic obsession exceeds any era before, and Ridley’s play’s relevance is all the more emphatic.” – Piero McCarth, BargainTheatreland