KARAGULA, a new fantasy epic by Philip Ridley, has been nominated for a massive EIGHT Offies including Best New Play!
June 10, 2016 |

‘A doorway to a new future is ready to open. We are the hinge of that moment. We will let the door swing wide.’


On a beautiful spring evening – when both moons are full – two teenagers vow eternal love. It is a moment that will have cataclysmic consequences. Not just for them, but for the world on which they live. A world where Prom Night is a matter of life or death, where weapons are grown and trained like pets, and where a chosen few are hearing a voice. A voice that speaks of… Karagula.


Philip Ridley’s Karagula is a world premiere of epic proportions. Emerging company PIGDOG brings this extraordinary, form-shattering play to life. Written in fractured timescale, Karagula explores our constant need to find meaning. To believe we’re here for a reason. To have faith in something. Faith in… anything.