Frances Polletti’s award winning short film, MISS TODD, has been turned into the hugely successful book MISS TODD AND HER FLYING MACHINE. To watch the film and for more information click here!
June 23, 2015 |



“When she was soaring high above the clouds, flying free with the wind in her hair, she knew that nothing could hold her down—not even gravity.” 


Miss Todd and Her Wonderful Flying Machine was inspired by the Student Academy Award-winning animated short film Miss Todd and the real life story of Miss Lily Todd the first woman in the world to build and design an airplane. The story is set at the turn of the century when the world is awakening to the possibilities of the flying machine. One young woman, Miss Lily Todd, is inspired and she’ll do whatever it takes to fly. At a time when becoming sky-born is already a challenge, Lily has more than gravity holding her down. Will she fly?


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