William Ash & Andrew Knott

Will and Andy have written “An Odd Job” for Radio 4. They have also developed a 6 part comedy series called “Shit Or Bust” with Baby Cow, a comedy drama called “Cornerstone” with Red Productions and a comedy series called “Road To Rio” with Baby Cow. Most recently, their comedy drama, “Here After”, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in July 2014. They are currently developing a new sitcom “Nowhere Fast” and “Manning” with Red Productions.

Andy and Will are both actors and writers. They have been friends since 1990 when they met while performing in a production of “Lord Of The Flies” at The Oldham Theatre Workshop aged 11 and 13 respectively. Will played the lead role of Ralph to wild and unanimous praise while Andy played a significantly inferior role that no one in Oldham can remember nevermind London. Sadly this insignificance has plagued Andy throughout his acting career while Will has blossomed into a much sought after performer. In the hope of healing the pain of twenty years of artistic anonymity, Will has graciously allowed Andy onboard his creative juggernaught and permitted him to enter into a writing partnership with him. For this, Andy is eternally grateful.


In 2010 Andy and Will wrote, directed and produced a short film, “Resting”, and it was this experience which suggested that they could write and also encouraged them to write more.

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