Stephen Prentice

Stephen’s film Tormented, a classic tale of undead revenge, was produced by Slingshot, BBC Films and Pathe, and was released to great reviews:

“consistently funny in a painful way” **** Kim Newman, Empire.


“Each killing is so inventive and so shamelessly silly that viewers will gasp and laugh in the same breath, but, despite the film’s horror-comedy hijinks, it’s probably the most nuanced big-screen portrayal of comprehensive school since Gregory’s Girl.” Nicholas Barber, Independent on Sunday.


Stephen is currently writing three movie scripts:


Visceral, a thriller about a female cardiac surgeon trying to recover a heart that has been stolen by gangsters. (Chic Films / Braven Films).


Threesome, a romantic drama about a married couple who hope to rekindle the spark in their love life by inviting another woman into their bed. (Braven Films / Wendy Finerman Productions).


Playdate, a romantic comedy about a young woman who moves to New York to take up a dream job only to discover her real challenge lies not in the world of work but in finding friends for her six-year-old son. (Braven Films).


Stephen’s script One Silver Sixpence and a Bag Full of Gold, a spaghetti western set in Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars, has been optioned by Chris Coen (Unanimous Entertainment).


Stephen’s script I Kissed a Girl, a teen comedy about an arrogant boy whose worst nightmares come true when he undergoes a magical gender transformation, has been optioned by Flower Power Films and is being developed in French as J’ai embrassé une fille.


Stephen also writes for television in partnership with Toby Rushton. Their drama series Nightingale, a fish-out-of-water story about a former criminal attempting to look after his children, and their drama/comedy serial Dancing on the Inside, about a group of inmates at a women’s prison who take up ballroom dancing, were both optioned by Hartswood Films.

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