Paul Viragh

Paul was an actor in film, television and theatre, before moving into directing and screenwriting.

Currently he is working with Idris Elba on “BRAZZA” for Studiocanal/Tandem/Greendoor – a 10 episode returning family crime drama for the US, set in Brazzaville city of the Sapeurs, the “Congo Dandies” in West Africa.

He is developing a 12 x ½ hour episode adaptation of the MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE by Thomas Hardy for Kindle Entertainment.

LONESOME TONIGHT – a feature about Elvis in the Army in Germany for Ecosse Films, with Daniel Barnz attached to direct, out to cast.

SAVING ASHYA is a 3 part true life dramatization of the Ashya King case for Polly Hill at ITV, with Me and You Productions.

He has had three feature films released in the last seven years.

FACE OF AN ANGEL, directed by Michael Winterbottom, starred Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Brühl and premièred at Toronto International Film Festival. It was screened at the London Film Festival before going on general release in the UK, US and internationally in 2015.

SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL was Paul’s first feature (2010) about punk icon Ian Dury. It starred Andy Serkis, Naomi Harris, Ray Winstone, and Olivia Williams. Paul wrote and was executive producer, Damian Jones produced and Mat Whitecross directed. This received seven nominations including two BAFTAs, and was screened at the Berlin and Tribeca film festivals. He was nominated for the Writers Guild First Feature Screenplay award.

‘Paul Viragh’s screenplay is smart and funny’ – THE SUNDAY TIMES

‘A barnstorming, passionate performance from Andy Serkis brings 1970s music legend Ian Dury stunningly back to life in this gutsy biopic written by Paul Viragh’– PETER BRADSHAW THE GUARDIAN

‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, written by Paul Viragh, reminds us that Dury was a more complex figure than the raucous geezer persona that made him a mainstream star’ – INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

‘It’s this refusal to sugarcoat Dury’s shortcomings that really impresses: yes, Director Whitecross and screenwriter Paul Viragh ask us to empathise with the self-pitying,
class-obsessed, emotionally and physically crippled hero, but they never expect us to forgive his excesses’

‘It’s always risky turning recent history into myth, but Whitecross and screenwriter Paul Viragh are in possession of the right kind of boldness’ – LONDON EVENING STANDARD

‘Screenwriter Paul Viragh and director Mat Whitecross give the story and character the vivid grudge dynamism while also celebrating Dury’s determination not to give a toss, or not to appear to, about his handicaps’ – FINANCIAL TIMES

‘Paul Viragh’s script and Andy Serkis’s portrayal of the pretentious punk word-monger Ian Dury are note-perfect’ – ESQUIRE

Paul and Mat Whitecross collaborated again on ‘ASHES’ (released 2012) – a thriller starring Ray Winstone, Jim Sturgess and Leslie Manville, financed by CinemaNX and the band Coldplay.

Other projects in development or out to director/cast:

SELF – historical single drama for Greenacre/WalltoWall Media/BBC.

MAVERICKS – BBC Films, a disabled wheelchair basketball team, angry at society,pull off a massive scam during the 2012 Paralympics. Based on true events.

MONSTER – based on true crime TV series for Ecosse/BBC.

JOE PUBLIC – a feature about Joe Strummer of the The Clash, and his disappearance to Paris in 1982, directors attached Lisa Barros D’Sa & GlennLeyburn.

THE VATICAN CONNECTION – co-written with Michael Winterbottom to be directed by him, set in early 70s about one New York detective’s investigation into the printing of counterfeit bonds by the Mafia for the Vatican.

LIFE OUT LOUD – a US stand-up comedian battles an emotional crisis while playing gigs in a corporate hotel in Shanghai. Jim Loach attached as director.

MADE IN BRITAIN – TV series for Mammoth Film & TV.

Paul has written two radio plays ‘BLINDED BY SCIENCE,’ and ‘CRY HUNGARY’ aired as part of the Radio 4 series in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising and nominated for the Imerson Best Play Award.

His first feature as writer/director ‘DARK BLUE RISING’ is an action thriller set in Budapest.

Paul is a UK & Canadian citizen was born in London to a Hungarian father and Canadian mother.

Paul Viragh
is represented by:
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