Catch Matthew Dunster’s LOVE’S SACRIFICE at the RSC until the 24th of June 2015. Click here for info and to buy your tickets.
April 13, 2015 |

Directed by Matthew Dunster


Overwhelmed with love for his new bride, the Duke of Pavia cannot see that his best friend Fernando has also fallen in love with her, and is struggling to contain his secret desire. The Duke’s sister, driven by jealousy that Fernando hasn’t shown interest in her, begins to manipulate her brother out of spite; turning him against his friend, the Duke’s sister is determined to get revenge on Fernando and her unrequited love.

Selected above a number of other seldom seen plays that were nominated to be staged during the RSC’s forthcoming season, Love’s Sacrifice is a fascinating production worth catching. Directed by RSC debutant Matthew Dunster, hot off the back of helming The Lightning Child at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, don’t miss Love’s Sacrifice at the RSC this summer.