TROY by Adèle Geras

The siege of Troy has lasted almost ten years. Inside the walled city, food is scarce and death is common. From the heights of Mount Olympus, the Gods keep watch.
But Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is bored with the endless dreary war, and so she turns her attention to two sisters: Marpessa, handmaid to Helen of Troy; and Xanthe, who tends the wounded soldiers in the Blood Room.

The lives and loves of the girls interweave with those of Homer’s famous characters, and when Eros fits an arrow to his silver bow and lets it fly, neither sister will escape its power.
Geras brings the story of the Iliad to life for young readers through the eyes of the two sisters, recreating life in the ancient world and showing the Greeks and Trojans as living people trapped in a harsh and brutal war.

TROY won the ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. It was also a finalist for the Whitbread Award, won Publisher’s Weekly Best Children’s Book of the Year and was a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honour Book.
Hachette Children’s Books published a new edition of TROY in August 2014.

“Powerful, clear and compassionate.”
Philip Pullman

“Delivers the sack of Troy as an ambitious, cinematic affair.”

“With exceptional grace and enormous energy, Geras recreates the saga of the Trojan War from a feminist perspective.”

“Geras handles both her chosen perspective and her subject’s grand themes with aplomb.”

‘A brilliantly imagined tale…Not to be missed.’

TROY by Adèle Geras
On behalf of
Laura Cecil
Published in the UK by
Hachette Children's Books
August 2014
Published in the US by
Harcourt Inc