THE LIBERATION by Kate Furnivall

Italy 1945. The war is over with Naples in ruins. Allied forces are in control. Caterina Lombardi is barely scratching a living, but when her dead father is accused of corruption and treason and her young brother is kidnapped, she fights to discover who is destroying her family. Who should she trust? Who is the enemy now? She struggles to support her blind grandfather and young brother, but her world is turned upside down by two Intelligence Officers, one American, one British, who are searching for stolen historical artefacts in the post-war chaos. Violence follows them.  Lies, secrecy and threats to her life pursue her until she risks everything to find the truth. A powerful story of Italian love and vengeance.

THE LIBERATION by Kate Furnivall
On behalf of
Teresa Chris Literary Agency
Published in the UK by
Simon & Schuster UK
November 2016