SUMMER NIGHTS by Allie Spencer

Sun, sea, and Retsina… what could possibly go wrong?

Four friends plan a fortnight of fun, frolics and reminiscences in Greece – but their holiday turns out to be anything but the carefree adventure they have planned. To begin with, the bars, clubs and wild nights of their imaginings are a far cry from the slow, quiet pace of life on the island of Liminaki. Then there’s Ginny who won’t stop talking about her upcoming wedding; Anna who falls for the charms of a very handsome waiter; Kirsten who is bottling up a terrible secret and Beth who tries to hold the show together despite her life falling to pieces in front of her very eyes.  A heart-warming, laugh-out-loud story of love, lies and the ever-lasting loyalty of best friends. 

SUMMER NIGHTS by Allie Spencer
On behalf of
Teresa Chris Literary Agency
Published in the UK by
21 June 2012