POWDER MONKEY by Paul Dowswell

Thirteen-year-old Sam Witchall has always dreamed of being a sailor, but he never realized how dangerous and gruesome life at sea could be until he is pressed into service aboard HMS Miranda. Beginning his naval career as a “powder monkey”assisting the gun crews on the warship, Sam learns the ropes of sailing and how to cope with enemies both foreign andĀ on-boardĀ the Miranda herself. With enough battles, storms, and shipwrecks to thrill young fans of the Master and Commander series, this rousing historical adventure introduces a new generation to an exciting era, when a lowly powder monkey could grow up to be a hero.

POWDER MONKEY by Paul Dowswell
On behalf of
The Viney Agency
Published in the UK by
6 October 2008
Published in the US by
Bloomsbury USA Children's
3 October 2006