GULF by Robert Westall

* Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal (1993)
* Winner of the Sheffield Children’s Book Award
* Winner of the Lancashire County Children’s Book of the Year
* Category winner of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups Award
* Shortlisted for the Whitbread Award



Inspired by the first Gulf War, and as relevant as ever, GULF is a hard-hitting psychological thriller, and a searing indictment of all wars. Andy suddenly begins to experience someone else’s life. It is as if his mind has been taken over by another boy, one who is fighting as an Iraqi soldier in the Gulf war.
As Andy slips further and further into this identity, his brother, Tom, looks on helplessly. How can he save Andy from being destroyed?



“remarkable … original in theme, convincing in development, deeply disturbing and thought provoking.”
Marcus Crouch for JUNIOR BOOKSHELF


“Only a skilled storyteller could pull this off so successfully. My book of the year”


“A savage tale of a psychic child witnessing the terrors of the Gulf War…The result is an antiwar statement every bit as harrowing and furious as Peter Dickinson’s AK, at a third of the length.”

GULF by Robert Westall
On behalf of
Laura Cecil
Published in the UK by
June 1992