BLITZKRIEG by Lloyd Clark

Blitzkrieg – France 1940 isĀ the first in a three book contract with Grove Atlantic in the US and Atlantic in the UK which will be published both sides of the Atlantic in 2016.


The German campaign in France and the Low Countries during the summer of 1940 was pivotal to Hitler’s ambitions and fundamentally affected the course of the Second World War. In achieving in just six weeks what their fathers’ had failed to achieve in four years of the First World War, Germany altered the balance of power in Europe at a stroke.

Having honed the Blitzkrieg technique in preceding engagements, the German forces provided Hitler with a swift, efficient and decisive military victory over the Allied forces in France. Yet, as Lloyd Clark shows in this enthralling new book, it was far from being a foregone conclusion – Hitler’s plan could easily have failed had the enemy been slightly less inept and the Germans been slightly less fortunate.

BlitzkriegĀ will tell the story of the campaign, while highlighting the key technologies, decisions and events that led to German success, and will detail the mistakes, good fortune and chronic weaknesses in their planning process and approach to war fighting. There are also compelling portraits of the officers who played key roles, including Heinz Guderian, Ewin Rommel, Kurt Student, Charles de Gaulle and Bernard Montgomery.

Lloyd Clark reveals that far from the being undefeatable, the France 1940 campaign revealed Germany and its armed forces to be highly vulnerable – a fact dismissed by Hitler as he began to plan for his invasion of the Soviet Union – and offers a gripping reassessment of the myths that have built up around one of the Second World War’s greatest military victories.

BLITZKRIEG by Lloyd Clark
On behalf of
The Viney Agency
Published in the UK by
Atlantic Books
September 2016
Published in the US by
Grove Atlantic
September 2016