Charlotte Knight, Knight Hall Agency

Charlotte Knight

Charlotte joined the team in April 1999 having spent her formative years at Samuel French Ltd. Her background includes a research MA entitled ‘Deviant Divas’, an academic career in performance art, and an unparalleled reputation as a barmaid. Before hanging up her writing gloves, Charlotte also wrote the cult musical SAUCY JACK AND THE SPACE VIXENS.

Charlotte began recruiting clients in 2001 and became a Company Director in 2002. She took over as Managing Director of the agency in 2004.

Charlotte has an almost photographic memory.


Katie Langridge, Knight Hall Agency

Katie Langridge

Katie joined the agency in February 2010 having worked in Distribution for CinemaNX. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Modern History and has also worked in TV and Theatre production.

Katie is the principal point of contact for Play Leasings and Foreign Rights. She has a growing list of clients and is always looking out for bright new talent.


Martin Knight, Knight Hall Agency

Martin Knight

Martin relinquished his dream job working on Supply Chain Systems at Ford Motor Company in Basildon to pursue a higher calling in Accounts & I.T. at Knight Hall Agency.  He’s still living the dream.

Martin was once spotted in Cheltenham Spa town centre masquerading as ‘The Strawberry Man’.